Century:    Batteries for peace of mind.  Calcium / calcium technology for power, durability and reliability.
Maintenance free with 3 years retail warranty.

Disc or seashell type, Hooga vintage horns, air horns 2 or 3 trumpets.
Musical horns and mega horns that sounds like a truck.

Spark Plugs
NGK:   They fine tunned their trade with motorbikes and they now equip Formula 1.  An incredible selection from heat dispersing copper core to special long life iridium plugs.  Read our tech tips page for more information.
Bosch:   German excellence applied to spark plugs.  A well priced plug with serious performance.

Switches & Relays
Narva:   A wide range to suit many aplications

Terminals & Wiring
A wide range to help you connect everything.
New products:   Check the new fused distribution block and the new piggy-backing fuse for easy connection.fuse block 54433  piggy back fuse 54408