Air Filters
Classic round filters, panel filters all vehicle specific.
Our core brand is Sakura but we can order for you: Ryco, WIX and Donaldson.
Sport high flow pod filters, performance foam filters or K&N gauze filters.
Remember to oil the performance filters,  special cleaning and oiling kits are available.
We can source air filters for a large number of light and heavy trucks.  Give us the model number, we will give you a price.


Oil Filters
Standard replacements for both spin-on and cartridge styles.
Special dual flow diesel filters and performance filters with magnet.

Fuel Filters
Standard low pressure filters, steel and glass body for racing or regular check.  High pressure filters for fuel injection and diesel engine.
Add-on for a finer filtering.

Transmission Filters
We carry the most common models but we will be able to order for most of the cars.
The oil change interval is extended but drastically reduced  if you are towing.

Cabin Filters
It is also called a pollen filter, so if you sneeze a lot or If you notice an odd smell when you stop the A/C, it is time to check your cabin filter. It is probably located  behind the glove box.